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5 Ways Tech Can Save You Money

With the cost-of-living increasing day by day, making sure you are spending your money correctly is super important. If you want to save some money & cut down on your spendings, our smartphones are here to help. Here is a list of our top 5 ways tech can save you money.

  1. Use apps to compare prices when shopping

With the e-commerce world constantly growing and being huge, there are many online stores that sell similar/ the same products. There are many websites you can do this via, a recommendation would be “Price Runner” that can be found on the internet. Price Runner compares products from over 6,000 different UK stores.

  1. Keep your energy bills down with a smart thermostat

There are many different, great smart thermostats out there that can really lower your energy bill. The Google Nest is a great piece of kit that lets you control your heating from your phone and tablet. With the Google Nest, you can take control of your energy bills and check how much energy you’re exactly using.

Best of all, the Google Nest tracks your habits over a long period of time, so it will automatically turn off you’re heating if you forget to.

  1. Try using money management apps

Money management apps make it simple to get a deeper understanding of when and where you’re spending your money. Emma is a great money management app, giving you personalized, in-depth analysis of your spending. Emma lists your subscriptions, allowing you to see and decide on any that you are not using or are going to cancel.

There are many other money management apps out there that can help decrease your spendings.

  1. Coupon and deal sites

Coupon sites are a great way to save your money, whether you love online shopping or want to eat out at your favourite restaurant. There are so many coupon sites and apps to visit that all offer different discounts for you.

Using these coupon sites to save on products can always save you a lot of money, especially in the long run. Using your smartphone to access these discounts mean you will always have them in your pocket whenever they come in handy.

  1. Trade in your old device with Frift

Want to earn quick-cash for your old devices that are lying in your drawer? At Frift we offer competitive prices for your old devices. Trading in your old phones is a great way to optimise and help keep devices in circulation, with goals to battle the long-term battle we are fighting against e-waste and its harsh impact on our planet. This means that tech can save you money when upgrading a device and keeping your old one in circulation with Frift. Take a look and upgrade your device in our shop section.