5 Ways To Support Zero Emissions Day

Five ways to support Zero Emissions Day 2022

Today, September 21st, marks Zero Emissions Day; a day focused on clean air and reducing greenhouse gas and carbon emissions.

The goal for Zero Emissions Day is to raise awareness and educate about ways in which we can protect the environment. Many people opt to leave their car on the drive or avoid using polluting transportation, walking or cycling to their destination. However, did you know the next device you purchase can contribute to a greener future as well?

Every new phone generates an average 80% of its lifetime carbon emissions before it has even left the factory! When you take a moment to think about the effort, time and human resources needed to manufacture each electronic device, the impact on the environment becomes even more apparent. The energy and often harmful pollutants released to produce mass volumes continue to increase alongside the demand.

However, by opting for a refurbished device rather than a brand new one, you’ll help lower the demand and reduce the increasing over-manufacturing of new devices. Best of all, you can stop perfectly good devices heading to landfill and contributing to the ever-growing pile of e-waste. We appreciate that you might not be looking for a new device right now, don’t worry, we have five easy ways you can support Zero Emissions Day 2022.

  • Leave the car keys at home

If your work, education, family or friends are within walking distance, great! Enjoy the fresh air and exercise by choosing to walk for the day rather than hopping in the car. If walking isn’t an option, taking the bus or train can help reduce traffic and pollution in your area.

  • Flick those switches off

Save unused energy by flicking off switches around the house. Whether it is the lights, chargers or the TV, doing this everyday can save considerable amounts of energy AND money!

  • Get in the garden

Got space for a small flowerbed or even a window planter? Plant flowers to support the wildlife, providing pollen and nectar for bees, butterflies and other insects. If you are fortunate enough to have space to plant a tree, you can help absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

  • Plan a ‘no-cook’ meal

Salad season may be behind us with the colder days on the way, but opting for a ‘no-cook’ meal, especially those operating a gas stove, can save energy on Zero Emissions Day!

  • Spread the word!

There is nothing more powerful than raising awareness! Share a post on social media or let your friends, family and colleagues know that they can make a difference by doing one or all of the above for just one day.

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