What is covered?

  • Technical defects
  • Faults caused by improper workmanship or materials


What is not covered?

  • Accidental damage
  • Damage to screens, fascias and surrounds (inc. fading and discolouration)
  • Liquid damage
  • Issues caused by third party software
  • Issues caused by unlocking your device
  • Any components added since the item was originally sold to you


Please note: Your warranty will be voided and the device returned back to you if:

  • We find evidence that the device has been tampered with, opened up by, or repaired by the owner of the device or by a thirds party
  • We find any supplementary defects to the device outlined in the “What’s not covered” section above.

Mobile Reborn cannot be held responsible, in any way, for any costs incurred when unlocking a device that was locked to a network when sold

Please make sure you package your item as securely as possible.  We cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by insecure packaging during transit.


What will we do?

When we receive your item it will be inspected and the issue will be diagnosed. If the problem isn't covered by the warranty, or if the warranty has been voided (for example if the item has been accidentally damaged) we will return the item to you along with an admin charge of £20.

If the problem is covered by the warranty, our technicians will attempt to fix the issue and return your item to a fully working condition. If we are unable to fix the issue, we will supply a replacement item of the same model and condition as the item sent to us regardless of the condition originally purchased.

Your fixed or replacement item will be sent back to you within 2-3 working days of receiving the damaged item and will be sent by our chosen courier provider. 

In the event that we’re not able to fulfil either a replacement or repair, a refund will be processed.

Data Removal

  • We recommend that you delete all personal information (“Data”) that is or may be stored on your device (including images, passwords, songs etc.)
  • Please ensure that you remove any SIM, media storage, memory cards or similar devices from your device prior to sending them to us.
  • We shall have no liability for any losses, claims or damages arising in respect of any Data which you fail to delete from your device (whether knowingly or unknowingly).
  • Please note that it is your responsibility to remove Data from any device prior to sending it to us and to cancel any contracts (e.g. with your 'phone company) linked to the Item.
  • There are free online guides explaining how to delete Data from your device, which we recommend that you read.


  • The Delivery Services may only be used for Items that you are returning to us. You may not use these Delivery Services for any other items or purpose.
  • If you do use or attempt to use any of these Delivery Services for items other than those which you are selling to us we reserve the right to charge you a reasonable administration fee to reflect the costs incurred by us in providing you with that service.
  • You shall not request that we or any of our chosen carriers carry or convey any Package if such carriage or conveyance would be unlawful or if such carriage would contravene any or all of these Terms and Conditions.
  • We and our carriers will not carry, and you agree not to send or request that we carry any Restricted Items, a list of which can be found on our carriers’ websites at the following links:

Royal Mail

We and our carriers accept no liability whatsoever for any losses or harm arising from the carriage of any Restricted Items provided by or on behalf of you.

  • Please note that we have several legal obligations to comply with in respect of the carriage of Items, including but not limited to an obligation not to carry or accept for carriage Items that are deemed to be "Dangerous Goods" as defined in the Packaging and Labelling of Dangerous Substances Regulations 1984, the Classification, Packaging and Labelling Regulations 1983, the Radioactive Material (Road Transport) (Great Britain) Regulations 1996 and the Carriage of Explosives by Road Regulations 1996.
  • You will be liable for any loss, damage, or liability arising from our breach of these legal obligations as a result of transportation of your Package or any other item you use or attempt to use our Delivery Services to send.
  • Should you (knowingly or unknowingly) attempt to require or require us or our carriers to carry any Items or handle any other items which breach the restrictions detailed in this condition 13, we and our chosen carriers shall be under no liability whatsoever in connection with those items, howsoever arising.

Lost or Stolen Packages

  • If you believe that your Package has been lost, damaged or stolen (subject to our confirmation that we have not received your Package) you will be required to provide a valid returns receipt which you will have been provided with by the Post Office.
  • It is your responsibility to obtain a receipt from the carrier and retain this for tracking and insurance purposes. If you cannot provide a valid returns receipt for the Package you wish to claim for then you may not be able to claim for any loss or damage to your Package.
  • You must notify us in writing of any loss or damage, giving rise to a claim within twenty-eight (28) days of the date on which your Package was accepted by the Post Office. This is so we can submit a claim within the deadlines set by third parties.
  • If you fail to provide a valid receipt within twenty-eight (28) days of the date of your returns receipt, we shall not be liable for any loss or damage, unless you are able to demonstrate to our satisfaction that it was not reasonably possible for you to advise us or make such claim in writing within the twenty-eight (28) day time period and subject to you then providing such advice or claim within a reasonable time.
  • We shall be entitled to make such investigations as we deem necessary to satisfy ourselves of the validity of any such claim.
  • In calculating the value of any claim we shall accept no other valuations than our own for the Items that you may be claiming for and under no circumstances do we accept any liability for any other loss, damage or compensation resulting from the use of our Delivery Services.
  • We will notify you in writing of the outcome of our investigation and, if your claim is successful, payment of the Valuation will be made via the payment method specified in your account on the Website.

Activation Locked Devices

  • We do not accept iOS devices which have not been removed from iCloud, have Find my iPhone turned on or are subject to any other iOS security features. We also do not accept Samsung devices with Find My Phone activated.
  • We do not accept Google devices that have not been removed from the Google Account, or are subject to any Google security features. We cannot remotely unlock Google locked devices. In the instance of us receiving a Google locked device, the Google device will be returned to you.
  • Instructions for how to remove iOS security remotely can be found at the following link: /icloud/.
  • If you send us an Item which is subject to any of the above security features, we will inform you of this via email, and of the twenty-two (22) day deadline before which you must remove the security features and confirm to us in writing that this has been done. During the twenty-two (22) day period, we will send you regular reminders that you need to remove the security features and provide us with written confirmation that this has been done. If 24 hours before the end of the twenty-two (22) day period, we have not received your confirmation in writing, we will make efforts to send you a final reminder before the period ends. This will not affect our rights under the following paragraphs of this condition 18 however.
  • If we do receive this confirmation from you within twenty-two (22) days we will test your device one more time to confirm that the security features have been removed.
  • If we do not receive confirmation from you in writing within twenty-two (22) days that the security features have been removed we will Recycle your device.
  • If, after testing your device one more time after you have confirmed it is unlocked, it is found that the security features have still not been removed, we will get in touch and ask you to attempt to unlock it again.
  • If your device is still locked after a further retest, we will let you know it's still locked and ask you to contact our customer service team so we can confirm arrangements to return your device free of charge. If we do not hear from you within seven (7) days of when we contact you, then we will recycle your device.
  • If, after testing your device again, it is found that the security features have been removed we will assess your device as normal under our standard Quality Assessment process.
  • It is your sole responsibility to ensure that any Items you send to us are not subject to any security features as described above.

    Privacy Policy

    At Mobile Reborn we take your privacy and security very seriously. We want you to feel confident when using our services, which is why we’re open about how we use your data and take all appropriate steps to secure it. You’ll find all the details you need in this Privacy Policy, but please don’t hesitate to contact support@mobilereborn.co.uk if you have any privacy-related questions.

    • We only use your data for the purposes set out in this policy.
    • We take all appropriate steps to protect your data.
    • We will never sell your data to a third party.
    • Whenever you have given us your consent to use your personal data (e.g. so we can send you special offers or news about our products and services that we think would be of interest to you), you can withdraw consent at any time.
    • If we don’t need your data anymore, we will either anonymise it (e.g. retain your data to help us assess how people use us so that we can improve our services but make sure that you can no longer be identified from that information) or we will securely delete it. 

    When you are using our Mobile Reborn website and services, the data controller is Mobile Reborn Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales under company registration number 10997876 and whose registered office address is at Unit 2, Road Two Business Park, Road Two Winsford Industrial Estate, Winsford CW7 3RX