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Secret iPhone Tricks

There is a lot of secret iPhone tricks that Apple hide from us that can help us get the most out of our expensive iPhones. Here’s a list of our top 5 secret iPhone tricks that we love and use daily.

  1. Share whatever’s on your screen with Siri

iOS 15 has an advanced sharing ability that can be activated using Siri. Rather than sharing the old-fashioned way, by clicking share and choosing your contact, you can use Siri to share whatever is on your screen with any contact in your phone book. It may not be the most exiting feature in this list, but is a handy feature when you want to share something quickly or don’t have the hands free to do it. Siri can share things like images and photos, to the song you’re listening to via Spotify. Sometimes Siri may not be able to share your screen, it’ll send out a screenshot to this contact.

To share your screen with one of your contacts simply say “Hey Siri, share this with….” the person you want to send it too.

  1. Turn your phone into a document scanner

There was once a time where to scan physical pages into digital format you needed a dedicated scanner or, all in one printer. If you’re trying to get picture perfect scans, that might be the best option for you. However, what if you’re trying to copy words from a textbook, into a text message or a simple bit of revision in your Apple notes. With surprise, Apple have an advanced feature that converts physical text into a digital format.

To do this, open an app that you want to scan text into, this could be notes, messages or any other app that lets you type. Go on-to an image that has the text you want to scan in and hold your finger over the text, you will then be able to copy and paste the physical text you have an image of, into your app you want to implement it onto.

  1. Drag and drop images from one app to another

A very little-known feature that can save you a lot of time is the feature to drag and drop images and files between apps. With this ability, you can easily import an image or video, and quickly drop it into messages or notes. However, if not done properly it can be quite challenging to do this first-time round.

To do this, you tap and then hold the image or file you want to move, then move it to the top or bottom of your display. Then whilst continuing to hold the file down with one finger, you need to swipe up from the bottom of the screen with your other finger and open the app you want to put it in.

  1. Search anytime using Spotlight

Spotlight search is something you should be using on every apple device you own. It may not be the most important feature on an iPhone; however, it saves a lot of time when you need to know something fast. To make it better, with iOS 15 you can now access Spotlight directly from your lock screen, meaning you can search immediately without needing to wait for face ID to load. To access spotlight whilst your phone is locked, simply swipe down on your screen, however don’t swipe down on the right side as it will open the Control Centre instead.

  1. Access the iPhone’s hidden trackpad

The compact keyboard of iPhone screens can sometimes be a hassle, scanning large chunks of text to find the exact spot you are trying to edit, can be hard too. To get around this, apple have a hidden trackpad, which can be used to scan easily around your screen.

To do this trick, hold down the space bar on your iPhones space key to transform the keyboard into a trackpad.

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