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Top 5 Apple iPad Tricks

5 iPad tricks you need to know

Although there are many amazing selling points for Apple’s iPad, this fun list of tricks will help you get the most out of your iPad.

  1. Multitask with different tabs open at one time

 Sometimes you need to check your emails whilst watching your favorite show, or take notes whilst in a meeting and this is now possible with Picture in Picture. Scale down a Facetime screen for example, by pressing the home button or reduce the screen size using the icon.  The video will then scale down to a corner of your iPad screen. When this happens, you can then keep the window open whilst using another app and you can just resize the video size if it’s too big!

  1. Become a second display

Although adding a keyboard and mouse to your iPad is fun, adding an iPad to your computer as a second monitor, is incredible. On a Mac that has MacOS Catalina or higher, this feature is known as Sidecar, which can be used via USB or even wirelessly. To do this you will need to make sure both devices are logged into the same Apple ID, with Airplay. Windows and Android users will need a separate, third-party application, but it’s pretty easy to find. Find out how to do this on this link here.

  1. Split the keyboard for comfort

If you’re used to typing with your thumbs on your iPhone, you can split the keyboard in half on your iPad to replicate the same experience.

To do this, when the keyboard is open at the bottom of the screen, press and hold the keyboard key at the bottom right of the screen. Menu options should then include ‘Undock’ that will cause the keyboard to float, the ‘Floating’ option will give you a mini keyboard that you can put anywhere on the screen, and ‘Split’ which is the keyboard feature discussed in this trick. To undo this keyboard split, simply go back into the keyboard options and click ‘Merge’.

  1. Drag and drop between apps

Following on the multitasking trick we covered before, there is the ability to drag and drop text or other information between applications.

Set up split view, for example Safari next to Notes then you can copy text (press on the text to select it, then drag it along). This trick can also be done with images by opening the Photos app next to Messages and being able to drag and share multiple images. Although not all apps support drag and drop, it’s been a while since it was released meaning a large amount of apps support it.

  1. Limit Screen time

When in your settings, visit the screen time page to monitor your daily usage, from here you can set limits on the time period you spend on your iPad or specific applications. This can reduce strain on your eyes, improve sleeping patterns and free up time away from your screen. This can also be very useful if you are purchasing the iPad for a child. Setting downtime means to limit usage during the daytime. Specifying certain applications means it gives you the option to limit who the user can contact for example.

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