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Top 5 Apple Watch Games

Apple Watches are a great companion for iPhones. You can check your notifications, heart rate, answer calls and even send walkie talkie messages. If you’re into some fun IOS games, here are our top 5 picks for games you can access on your Apple Watch.

  1. Ping Pong

Ping Pong needs no introduction, almost everyone has played some form of Ping Pong whether that be on an old console, or in real life. Using your Apple Watch, you can now play Ping Pong on your wrist, for free! You can choose between challenging AI, a friend or family member. If your friend doesn’t have a watch don’t worry, they can play on your iPhone whilst you play via your watch.

  1. Jelly-fish Tap

A lot like the old game Flappy Bird, Jelly-Fish Tap if available so you can now play a similar game on your watch. In this game you control a jellyfish as it makes its way through harder and harder levels. The aim is to get the fish through the walls without hitting them, it isn’t for the easily frustrated…

  1. Solitaire The Game

For all you card lovers out there, Solitaire The Game on Apple Watch is perfect. It’s fairly easy to play, and is great if you’re looking for a quick 5-minute game to play during your lunch break. Solitaire consists of tapping on the cards where they are then automatically placed on the deck they can go to; you can pick new cards from the deck if you need. The main aim of the game is to group the cards from ace to king, separated by card type.

  1. Mimic The Game

The aim of the Mimic The Game is to mimic the colours the game shows you in the correct order to get to the next level. Each level, more and more buttons are added and even switched around in an attempt to confuse you. It only takes one wrong move and you will be at the beginning again, so watch out, this one can be stressful.

  1. Sudoku

Sudoku is for everyone, its challenging, fun and fits perfectly with Apple Watches tiny screens. The game allows for text entry which is simple, you just tap on the empty blocks and choose the number that you want to place there. After that, you just repeat the process until you have finished the puzzle, simple as that…

The games showcased within this blog can all be found on the Apple store on your watch. Looking for an Apple Watch? Keep an eye out on our shop page for new stock!