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Top 5 Fun Learning Apps For Kids

Often referred to as ‘play learning’ it is important for children to be motivated and have fun whilst learning. Our top five fun learning apps for kids are perfect for broadening knowledge in many different topics such as maths, writing, spelling and critical thinking all whilst having fun and staying engaged!

Splash learn covers reading and mathematics from reception to year 5. Practice maths and master reading whilst using adorable characters. This experience is used and loved by over 40 million children because of its personalized learning plans, kid friendly and safe interface, exiting rewards and rich narrative-driven games to keep your child motived and learn whilst having fun.

LingoKids is the app that helps your child learn, the fun way. Your child has the opportunity to learn over 6000 words used in 60 different topics. Children have access to over 1000 different activities and can meet different characters whilst learning. All of their activities are fun, educational content that have been curated by Oxford University educators.

Prodigy uses play features combined with the idea of learning to motivate students to learn, practice and improve in maths. Your child can explore new worlds, embark on heroic quests and battle against friends, all whilst learning and improving their maths skills.  Players create a character which will represent them along their journey taking them from level 1 all the way up to level 100.

Khan academy kids offers a free, learning and discovery educational programme for children aged 2-8. It is an award winning app designed by experts that work in education. It will take children through key important skills like maths, reading and writing, phonics, social emotional development and many more topics. The app is perfect for learning in school or at home, with a choice of lessons which can be picked by a parent from the apps library.

Logic like is a learning platform where users can develop and improve their logical and cognitive skills. This app will push the development of skills like critical thinking and logic, whilst developing deduction, memory and attention.  LogicLike offers 500+ riddles, 400+ 3D puzzles, 300+ arithmetic maths problems and puzzles for your child.

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