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Top 5 Tips To Free Up iPhone Storage

Free up storage iPhone with Apple Settings

Have you run out of storage on your phone or keep getting the ‘storage almost full’ message? Let’s get your device ready to store all of your Christmas snaps! Our top 5 tips will help you free up some space and utilise the best features your phone has to offer.

  1. Find out what is taking up the most storage

The first thing to do is simply find out what is taking up the most storage on your phone. Luckily, you can view this information easily on iPhone in your storage settings; go to the ‘Settings’ app, click ‘General’ and tap ‘Storage’. You will see it mainly divided up by photos, apps and system data. Using this information, you can remove or transfer the items taking up the most storage on your device.

  1. Delete apps from the home screen

Linking back to tip number 1, you now know what items are taking up the most space on your phone. Deleting apps is one of the easiest and fastest ways to free up some storage, we recommend deleting any that you don’t use regularly or can be accessed via Safari. Some applications take up more space than others.

  1. Have a look through Apple’s recommendations

When you’re looking through your storage settings shown in tip number 1, Apple will give you recommendations that can help you free up storage. Apple will recommend tools like ‘Auto delete conversations’ which can save up to 17GB. You may also see the ‘Offload unused apps’ which automatically offloads apps that are rarely used when you run out of storage.

  1. Delete text messages

Still holding on to texts from 18 months ago? Turning on ‘auto delete conversations’ can be a storage saviour, however, it might not be the best option if you like to hang onto messages. Instead, you can delete individual conversations by swiping right on the message thread you want to remove and clicking delete.

  1. Delete photos you don’t need

Always taking screenshots or multiple snaps to get the perfect angle? If photos are consuming your storage, consider deleting ones that you no longer look at or any duplicates you may have. If you want to hang on to them, move them to a laptop or cloud service to keep them safe and free up storage. Have a good clear out ahead of the new year!

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