Tips and Tricks

Top 5 Tips to Maximise Your Battery Health

If you feel disappointed with your phones battery health throughout the day, having to sit next to the nearest plug socket or pull out a power bank, here are our top 5 tips to maximise your iPhone battery health and make it last longer.

Reduce your phone brightness

Reducing our phone brightness will help increase your battery life, especially for devices that have a large screen. The only time we recommend your brightness at 100% is when you are outdoors and when the sun is at its brightest. Some phones have an adaptive brightness setting, where the phone will adjust automatically, make sure to turn this on. Alternatively, you can usually swipe down for a notification bar, and change your brightness here.

Turn on power saving mode

When your device gets down to 20%, the power saving mode is a smart feature that automatically decreases the brightness of your screen, reduces the resolution, limits processor speed and stops background network usage. On some of the latest Samsung phones, there is an emergency mode that allows you to conserve your battery for several days, however only using some of the core applications and features.

Turn off location services

Your phones GPS receiver is one of its biggest power hogs due to the number of applications that are linked to it, without mentioning the chip itself. You may turn off GPS entirely, however, there are many sacrifices doing so. To avoid doing this, you can turn off the GPS links individually in the settings of your phone, seen in the ‘Locations’ tab.

Turn off data roaming

Just like GPS, 4G and even 5G modems drain a lot of power, especially when you have poor signal.  For example, if you are travelling in a remote region and your battery life is more important than your connections, we recommend temporarily turning off data roaming. This can be done in the settings app on your device however it is easier to turn on airplane mode that is a quicker alternative.

The simplest solution

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