Tips and Tricks

Top iPhone Photography Tips

Are you always struggling to get the perfect shot on your iPhone to capture your greatest moments? Here are our top 5 technical iPhone photography tips that can make your snapping tip top!

Use the camera timer to capture steady shots

Luckily with Apples advanced features, we don’t have to hold a phone still for 10 minutes to take a photo anymore, however a shaky camera can still turn the perfect shot into a mess.

The timer on an iPhone isn’t just for taking hands free shots, but you can use it to keep both hands tight to keep your phone steady and get the perfect blur-free shot.

This method mainly works well with stationary objects, as the bird you see in the trees, may not be there when the timer goes off.  An alternative to this method would be to use the volume buttons as a picture button, helping you get a steady shot!

Adjust focus and exposure settings

Although the automatic camera settings on all iPhones are great and make things easier, sometimes tweaking has to be done to maximize the quality of your photos. Two easy settings that are worth changing are your exposure (how much light the camera lets in) and the focus of your shot.

iPhones will take a guess what the main subject of your photo is, meaning it will automatically focus on it. To change this, tap your screen when taking the photo in the location you want to focus on. It is the same for exposure, when you tap down where you want to focus, swipe up or down to create a brighter or darker shot.

Use soft lighting

Soft light is produced when there’s something to blend the light in with the subject. A good example would be thinking of a bright, harsh light from a bare lightbulb compared to one covered with a lamp shade. It’s good to avoid placing your subject too close to any lighting.

When shooting outside, try to avoid the time of the day where the sun is positioned directly overhead. With using flash, try to avoid it as light that bright is as hard and unflattering as it comes.

Use iPhone Photo apps for professional touch ups

Apps like TouchRetouch can clean up mistakes in your photos. Although you can adjust lighting in Apples Photo App, using applications like Afterlight and Adobe Lightroom gives you the tricks and tools to get that perfect ambiance.

Although people using natural light is a big trend via social media, the decline of using filters has been exaggerated.

Use iPhone Photography accessories

Using accessories like tripods, additional lighting, camera lenses are the most useful to optimize your imagery.  Tripods come in different sizes for different uses, you may see standing tripods for taller angles, you can purchase tripods that can be attached to objects like tables and even walls. Some tripods come with built in lighting that is attached to give the perfect angle to the light.

Additional lighting can transform your images massively, as shadows are minimized meaning blemishes become less noticeable. Lighting determines not only the brightness and darkness of the shot, but also the mood, tone and atmosphere. You can also get different lenses that can be used attached to your phone, each serving a different purpose and effect.

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