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Used vs. Refurbished Tech

Buying a phone from social media market places or popular reselling sites can often be tempting with the great prices, but what does it mean to buy a ‘used’ phone vs refurbished?

A ‘used’ device is just that, a device that has been used before by previous owners and resold. Unfortunately, ‘used’ doesn’t often mean tested, which means the quality and longevity will always be in question. ‘Used’ normally implies that the device is still functioning as it should, regardless of the level of cosmetic damage.

Because there isn’t any real standards or regulations for privately sold ‘used’ devices, it is always advised to be cautious, research the seller and buy in person so you can see the device operating.

A ‘used’ device may not have been tested or, if necessary, repaired; which is why a refurbished device is sure to be a more reliable option. With advanced software and experienced technicians, phones can be refurbished to ‘like-new’ quality like our Pristine-Plus range.

Unlike ‘used’, refurbished devices often come with a form of warranty. Here at Mobile Reborn we have a 12-month repair or replace warranty to offer a level of protection for your new purchase.

Quite often ‘refurbished’ will be a little more costly vs ‘used’ but the cost difference definitely delivers increased peace of mind. Regardless, both ‘used’ and ‘refurbished’ will definitely be cheaper than new in any case.

So let’s summarise some of the key differences:

Used Refurbished
Cheaper than a new device
Good for the environment
Thoroughly checked and tested by professionals
12 month repair or replace warranty
30 day money back guarantee
Free gift when you spend over £109
Plants a tree

Discover our full range of refurbished devices here and get free next day delivery, 12 month warranty and much more!

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