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What is an IP Rating?

What is an IP Rating?

Do you ever worry about using your phone in the rain, taking it to the beach while you’re on holiday? Here are some tips to keep your phone safe and prevent water damage. However, before we dive into this, we need to find out the IP Rating of your Phone.

Is my phone waterproof?

Luckily, this information can simply be found on the website GSM Arena. All you need to do, is search for the device you have on the website. The IP rating of your phone will be stored under the ‘Body’ heading. Alternatively, if you still have your instruction manual lying around, the information can also be found in there.

So now you’re wondering, what is an IP rating? An IP rating is a two-digit number that lets us know how good our phones can withstand water and dust. The first digit of the IP rating, is telling us the protection it has against dust, and the second about water.

To further explain this, if a phone has a rating of IP67/68, it would be classified as being water and dust-resistant. Having an IP rating of 68, means that your phone could potentially withstand being submerged in 2m of water for up to 30 minutes!

Our resident expert technician, Matt Slater says “It is important for people to understand the difference between IP ratings of devices and what level of water intake a device can handle, especially refurbished units. Here at Mobile Reborn we are proud to say our devices will match the IP rating of a brand-new unit! We always encourage customers to be extra cautious and be wary that units that are water damaged are often not accepted for repair or warranty claims. Your device may be IP rated but remember, it can’t swim!”

What does this mean for your phone?

With an IP68 phone, it guarantees your phone protection to fresh water only. This means it can only handle water like the rain, to perhaps being dropped in the sink or bath. If it is to get wet, make sure to dry it thoroughly with a soft cloth as soon as possible.

Just because your phone is water resistant, doesn’t mean it can protect against all liquids. For example, saltwater is very corrosive and can damage internal components within your device. The pool at your gym will have various different chemicals in it that can have the same, corrosive effect on your phone.

Liquids like lemonade, beer and wine, you should avoid at all costs. A small splash of these liquids on your device shouldn’t cause harm, however prolonged amount of time can cause trouble with your phone.


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